Pass-it-on cards (set of 10)


Say thank-you, wish someone a nice day or just make someone smile – these little cards are designed to spread some happiness. Have some fun and make someone smile!




Pass-it-on Cards were designed as a way to show appreciation, spread kindness and just brighten someone’s day. Available in a set of 10, these colourfully designed cards are the perfect size to leave a small note of gratitude or encouragement. The recipient can choose to keep and cherish the note, or it pass on with good vibes when the opportunity arises.

On the back of the card:
Spreading smiles!
“Hope this card brought you a smile … now it’s your turn — pass-it-on to brighten someone’s day!”
There are also circles on the back where you can actually draw your own smile 🙂 before you pass-it-on!

These cards are great for anyone or any occasion!


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