Creating is really a joy for me, and I’m happy to share it with you!

I am an artist based out of Ottawa, Canada. Though I enjoy working with many different artforms (check out my portfolio), I’ve found a lot of fun and enjoyment creating these digital artworks. The joy, wonder and curiosity I explore when I dream up these creations is what I hope to share with you.

If there is something you see that you would like personalized - just let me know!

Where to find me

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I participate in various show throughout the year in the Ottawa area. Follow me on Facebook to find out where I'll be next.

Some past shows I've been a part of:

  • Etsy Made in Canada
  • Etsy Outaouais
  • Autism Craft Show
  • Chance Foundation Craft Show
  • Capital Artisans Guild markets
  • Freewheeling Christmas Craft Popup

Orders ship from Canada. All Designs and Photos Copyright Anna Serrao. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve always loved art, it’s been a kind of escape for me as far back as I can remember. I enjoy exploring different art forms like sculpting, painting, pastels, silk screen, woodworking, baking, etc.

Digital art on my phone – who knew?!
Most often, I find myself immersed in creating digital art on my phone. All hand-drawn with a stylus, I love to bring scenes, animals and characters to life with fun, playful designs and colours. It’s been an incredible discovery because I can work on my illustrations anywhere – on my commute, waiting in line-ups, during a coffee break, etc.