Burn baby burn

Wood burning - sunflower  Wood burning - ornaments  Wood burning tool

Learning the art of wood burning! 

Having some downtime over the Holidays was a refreshing break from the everyday stresses of life. I decided to try something new. My sister had bought me a wood burning set that I had yet to try out, so now was the perfect opportunity! I started small, trying out the different tips on scrap pieces of wood and watched many videos on how to use them and create different strokes.

My first attempt was to make some ornaments, so I drew some simple designs and was on my way. I must say, it definitely takes a lot of practice to get a nice outcome, I’m still trying. Also, the tool does get really hot, so you have to be very careful while working.

Next, I decided to go bigger. I bought a cheap cutting board form the Dollar Store and drew a mandala/flower design on it. It’s a slow process (especially compared to being able to etch perfectly on a laser cutter in just minutes) but it definitely feels good to be working with my hands. I think my first project turned out ok, for a beginner!

Since it looks like it’s going to be a while before I’m able to get access to laser cutter again, I decided to invest in a better wood burning system, one that comes with a pen-like handpiece which will give me more control and make it much easier to draw with, as well as variable heat control and interchangeable tips.

I’ve already got a couple of requests for projects, so I’m looking forward to delving in a little deeper!

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