Transferring my designs to wood

mandala design

In doing wood burning, one of the most important things to learn, especially if you’re not good at drawing freehand on wood (like me), is to be able to transfer your design to wood.

I did a bit of research on different options for doing so, and decided to try one out. This process involves printing using an inkjet printer onto the shiny side of label paper (after removing all the labels, of course).

Once you have your print, you can place it face down on the wood and rub over the design, being careful not to move the paper to avoid smudges. I found using some tape when you place the paper down really helps to keep it in place. And remember to invert your image if there’s text in it.

Once you are done, just lift up the paper and voila! I was quite impressed at how the design transferred, it was pretty detailed and clear – ready for some wood burning! And another good thing is that you can wash off any remaining ink from the paper and reuse it for your next design 🙂

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