Creative shift

Normally, I spend most of my free time on my business creating new pieces. I’ve spent many weekends at my favourite place to go to, the Imagine space at the library where I use the laser cutter to cut my designs in wood. This year, due to the circumstances, my usual routine came to an abrupt halt…so I was forced to rethink how I could still be creative. I took a break for a while, but when summer came I needed to create, so I turned my ideas to my garden, my very favourite place to be.

I decided that I would create a little privacy area in our side yard. So I hired a craftsman from my neighbourhood to build us some tall planter boxes and found some patio stones from my local Kijiji. I planned the space, and drew up some different options for the layout. Then I started the work…long hard days but satisfying when you see the result. A big thanks to all those who helped me make this happen!

One of my friends helped me by building a privacy screen that I incorporated into the space, with the help of my sis. Once the privacy space was completed, I started building gardens and walkways around it — also more work than I anticipated. I used different types of stones in the walkways and was even able to incorporate a few designs into them like the sun and some flowers. Before long, I had a beautiful little place to hang out in surrounded by some of my favourite things: trees and flowers. It’s still a work in progress but I’m looking forward to adding more creative ideas to the space next year. I already have so many ideas, I can’t wait!

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