Back to basics

It’s been 6+ months without access to the laser cutter, which I normally use to cut my designs in wood. So, I thought why not go back to the basics? I bought a scroll saw and got to work. Having to manually cut wood sure was a rude awakening from being spoiled using a laser cutter. But challenge accepted!

So, I discovered that I am definitely not a natural at this, but thanks to my handy Dremel, I can easily sand away all the flaws. Unfortunately, I can’t cut my entire design with this saw, due to my lack of skill and patience. So, I decided to try out some new techniques and explore my options. I’m using stencils of my designs, which I cut with my Silhouette machine, and transferring the designs onto the wood pieces that I cut. Playing around with different techniques is always fun. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t but that’s ok, I always learn something!

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