Designing and making my own stencils!

Since I’m not able to engrave my designs with the laser cutter that I normally use, I decided to learn how to make and apply stencils. I purchased some stencil paper and prepared my designs for cutting on my handy Silhouette cutting machine. Through trial an error, and watching some very helpful “how-to” videos, I learned a few tricks and was well on my way. Still, I’m only doing some basic designs for now, but might explore further to do some more complex ones. The best thing about stencils is that they are reusable!

Personalized ornaments

I decided to make some personalized ornaments for my colleagues, some of whom had new babies this year. It was interesting playing around with different designs.

From wall décor to ornaments, some fun ideas came to mind. I’m even stenciling some snowflakes on my window with some spray snow. Next summer, I might add some designs to the privacy space I built in the yard, and I’ll maybe stencil designs on the patio stones or even the planter boxes. So many possibilities, can’t wait!

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